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We are excited about the future and electrification of the world. We want to help you transition to more sustainable electrical technologies with your projects. We offer expert installation services, design services, and equipment to complete your project. We are currently focusing our energy on accelerated EV Charging markets and other renewable energy systems. 

Level 3


The Electric Vehicle market continues to expand in North America and it is critical that EVSE equipment be properly installed to the highest standards to safety and quality. The EVITP program was designed to provide qualified electricians with the most comprehensive training available in the market today. All EVITP Certified Electricians must pass a certification exam for proof of knowledge and skill.

ChargePoint is a leading manufacture of charging solutions. We employ trained/certified staff on the products and installation practices of Chargepoint solutions.

MB Electric is an installation partner for Qmerit. Qmerit focuses on electrification for EV Charging, Solar Panels, Battery Storage, and Smart Panels. Qmerit is currently the largest residential and commercial installation partner. 

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